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Vertu Ascent Special Editions

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Motorsport

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Vertu Motorsport

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Pink

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Vertu Pink

Ascent Special Editions Vertu White

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Article: 410

Vertu White

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Summercolors Cream

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Article: 411

Vertu Summercolors Cream

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Summercolors Strawberry

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Vertu Summercolors Strawberry

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Azure

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Article: 413

Vertu Azure

Ascent Special Editions Vertu Boscosport

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Article: 414

Vertu Boscosport

His Ascent appearance of luxury sports cars, where the soft skin delicately combined with the strength of metal. Vertu Ascent is durable and elegant, every detail is a masterpiece of technology. Your phone keys, made of massive steel, seem to be glowing from within, with more than 575 microscopic holes made by a laser beam. For the first time for the housing of the mobile phone is used the Liquidmetal® alloy, two times superior strength stainless steel. Case Ascent trimmed in the same leather as the salons of expensive sports cars. She was tested for resistance to the effects of various substances from gasoline to lipstick. Each key telephone features a unique convex shape, due to the special method of high temperature steel processing. To develop Vertu Ascent took twice more time than it will take to make a race car "Formulas-1". Every detail is a masterpiece of technology.