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Vertu: choose a gift is the best phone among the ideal

Mobile Vertu phones are associated with exclusivity, luxury and uniqueness. The rapid rise in popularity began with the creation of a masterpiece, but even in the next 15 years the new collection of phones become prestigious gifts for the elite. Now you can choose your favourite mobile masterpiece, given the nature of the future owner....

Как и из чего делают телефон Vertu?

Телефоны Vertu уже многие годы занимает лидирующие позиции по продажам, и считаются самыми престижными среди всей современной мобильной техники. ...

Modern innovations in the production of Vertu phones

Many of us have heard about Vertu mobile technology as the most exclusive and expensive. Price of Vertu phones are high not only because of the use of unique materials in the design of the housing or glass of your phone and because every phone of this company is handmade by only one person. But in the 21st century, and without computerization already do not do any large enterprise....

How to quickly repair the Vertu phone?

While digital technologies for anybody not a secret that mobile phones have become a much more important element than conventional means of communication. Modern phones are not only able to replace a pocket camera, but also perform essential functions of the organizers, the navigators, and even mini-computers. With its multifunctional capabilities, mobile phones have become so popular. But what to do when at the most inopportune moment out of order is Your chief assistant in daily Affairs?!...

Why reboots by itself a Vertu phone?

One of the most famous brands Vertu phone is. Its popularity the company has gained our individual approach to every phone released. In the manufacture of which worked the best experts, used the original materials, and the Assembly was performed manually. But, even with such true masterpieces of electronics there are problems, one of the most common is simapreziosi phone....

What to do if inside of your Vertu phone is exposed to water?

In today's world we can not imagine everyday life without a mobile phone. This accessory is always with us, often do not even release it from his hands. But what if Your luxury Vertu knocked over a glass of water, or it fell into the pool?


Do I need a service prevention phone?

Absolutely all phones with extended use require routine maintenance. A few months after purchase, even with proper care, telephone is polluted. To extend the life of the smartphone should at least once a year carry out preventive cleaning.


How and where to replace the display Vertu?

the Presence of luxury phone brand Vertu emphasizes self-sufficiency and self-confidence, self-motivated individuals. The owners of smart phones Vertu is not always possible to follow the integrity of your phone, and when You find a crack, or accidentally smashed the screen, we urgently should replace faulty parts that can cause some difficulties. Because a feature of such phones is their manual Assembly, which significantly differs from the Assembly of conventional models. Also not all shops there are more expensive parts and super alloys, which are needed for the repair.


Pick up a new battery for Vertu

During long-term operation of the phone, the battery of the mobile device gradually begins to lose their former characteristics. So sooner or later there comes the question of changing the mobile device or replace its batteries. The right approach to the choice of battery for Vertu is the key to a long operation of the phone.


5 benefits of improved Vertu Aster

Luxury company producing mobile devices "Vertu" not so long ago released a new Vertu Aster, which has a number of feature compared to conventional smartphones.


What to do if your Vertu phone does not catch network?

In everyday life we are used to be mobile and always stay connected. But what to do if there is no network connection to the Internet or does not catch Wi-Fi, 3G? In the most unexpected moment, any machine can fail, so a timely diagnosis or replacing some parts would prolong the life of your phone.


Где можно произвести оценку своего телефона Vertu? АНГЛИЙСКИЙ Where it is possible to evaluate your Vertu phone?

the Emergence of more innovative models of Vertu phones creates a strong temptation to purchase the new phone. Consequently the question arises: "How to assess the value of your old phone Vertu and where to sell it?".


"Wooden" is the novelty from Vertu

the Main news of 2016, in the world of smart phones class "Lux", was another original model from Vertu. This limited edition is called "Yosegi Wood Aster". A highlight of the model was the body of the phone is made of wood mosaic in the Japanese style "Josey", instead of usual expensive leather or precious metals.


What is the security code from Vertu and how to remove it?

a World leader in the production of luxury phones is Vertu. That is why security and confidentiality of data and documents the owner is using the service "security code Vertu". But often, after several months, code is forgotten, and it can be removed only by contacting a qualified service center.


Why stopped calling Vertu?

Many of us think that these luxury phones like Vertu are durable, because to create them using best available, durable and high quality materials, alloys, precious metals, each item is handmade. But, alas... It's just technique and we can't insure it from drops, moisture and other mechanical damage.


Cables Vertu

Especially for owners of phones Vertu has developed an entire line of stylish and high quality accessories. It covered a whole range of telephone devices, including data cables.

Cables high quality allow to exchange data at high speeds without distortion or loss. Also using the same cable to your Vertu phone, you will never face the problem of inability to recognize your phone computer or tablet.


Batteries Vertu

When using any phone at a certain time there comes a time when you need to replace the battery with a new one.

in Order not to miss this moment, you need to pay attention to some of the signs that accompany a bad battery operation


Wireless headset Vertu

Mobile phone has become an integral part of every person's life. We use them every day: at home, on walks, at work, driving. In many cases, there is a need to use special devices that simplify communication. For example, during working hours, when business talks are arranged one after or during driving, when the management are not allowed to talk on the phone in normal mode by law.


Your Vertu phone does not see SIM card?

Branded Vertu phones are well proven on the market of mobile phones. The main advantage of these phones is a high-quality precious materials. But even this unique technique may fail. If there is a malfunction or other malfunctions, for example, Vertu does not see the SIM card, do not look for a solution on forums on the Internet or try to understand myself. Please consult the service company. Professional masters will diagnose and analysis of all components.


What is unique about the Vertu phone Аyxta?

Luxurious series phones Аyxta, from the world of Vertu, has become the most popular among the rest, and occupies a leading position for several years.

Folding phone Аyxta has two displays, which are coated with durable sapphire glass, so that the screens do not appear scratches, and shows only high-quality and bright image. By weight of the phone is quite heavy as solid model assembled with metal parts. The phone is made from high-quality, glossy stainless steel with inserts of aviation aluminum and genuine leather. All the details of luxury phone are fastened by screw connections, it can be seen by opening the rear cover. The keyboard is made of sapphire, and is also equipped with internal lighting. Thanks ruby bearings all keys be comfortable when you touch and durable in use.


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